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The best paying bingo online games

With every new month, new bingo online games are launched online. Of the hundreds of games launched, only a few of them are worth playing again and again.

Tell us what is the first thing you check out while reading reviews on a game of bingo? If we are right, and we surely feel so, the most important thing that matters is the pay-out percentage. This is apart from the free bonuses and guaranteed cash prizes.

Based on the above factors and your preferences, we have prepared this exclusive list of the most sought after bingo online games this month. Check them out and be sure to let us know what you think of these games.

Win guaranteed cash on these special bingo online games

  • Paparazzi

Play at: 123 Bingo Online

We are not talking about the hit tune by Lady Gaga. ‘Paparazzi’ at 123 Bingo is a progressive slots game where if you are lucky, you get to win up to $10,000 in hard cash.

As the name suggests, the game is based on the theme of pop star, celebrities and the paparazzi who hound them. Hit the wild symbols as many times as you can to win the ultimate jackpot.

  • Forest Treasure

Play at: Bingo Hall

What if we told you that earning up to $5000 every day is as easy as taking a walk? This is absolutely true at Bingo Hall where all you have to do is collect the beautiful symbols of fairies, pixies, and jewels to win some amazing cash prizes.

The wild symbol is an insect which can change into any form and then there is a scatter symbol of a forest God. Collect more than 3 scatter symbols and you get up to 40 free spins.

  • Happy Circus

Play at: Vic’s Bingo

If you think you are too old to be watching a circus, we think you haven’t been to the Happy Circus at Vic’s Bingo. This amazing five-reel and twenty five-pay line game rewards players with cash prizes up to $3500 every day.

Collect the scatter symbol of a Big Top Tent and you get up to 20 free spins. In addition, the lucky winners also get bonus points of 8250 coins. Did we tell you that this game has the most amazing visuals ever? You will see all kinds of happy creatures at this circus.

If you have to play bingo online games, then why not play for money which is actually sitting there for you to win? Various popular bingo sites offer these games because of their popularity among bingo players around the world. Make your next stop at any of the bingo online games mentioned above and bring home money which is as easy to win as saying the word bingo!